1 : E4.5.1 is now released. This is free version for all e4 users ,It can be downloaded from this link : 


E4.5.1 WILL NEED MINIMUM I3 CPU OR HIGHER .You can find the release note  : Release Notes

2 : New features, include :

  • Arabic lettering ( or also called COMPLEX LETTERING )
  • Beading

3 : WILCOM also released new firmware which allows the WiFi device to connect to most of the machines brands. The default format of the device is NTFS, windows standard format, this works great with most of the brands ( Barudan, Tajima, SWF, Happy, ZSK, Brother, Dahao controlers, …. )
You can now run the device under FAT format ( all USB stick have this format ) which would allow you to connect to brands like Ricoma, older models of SWF, Tajima X16 controllers, and also USB emulators that replaces the older floppy disk readers

The new firmware and update instructions are available on this link : FIRMWARE UPDATE