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AWS S3 Integration with TeraStation NAS

Hybrid cloud – Integration to Amazon S3 Cloud – A different approach to storage backup

The hybrid cloud approach involves third-party public cloud services, where your information is backed up or replicated between a TeraStation Network Storage device and an offsite public cloud solution provider, like Dropbox or Amazon S3. 

Implement a hybrid cloud backup strategy for added protection and cost savings.

Many businesses are implementing hybrid cloud solutions that draw from the best of both worlds—public and private cloud. The hybrid cloud approach integrates third-party public cloud services (Amazon S3) with your existing NAS environment. Finding the right balance between the two can help you optimize costs, security, and control.

You determine what that right mix looks like, depending on business requirements. For example, with a hybrid cloud solution you could routinely back up your data all day on your NAS device at no cost, and then at the end of the day, make one large data update to your cloud account. Or, if you start running out of space on your cloud account and don’t want to purchase more, you can always prioritize what data stays on your NAS (sensitive data) versus what you put into the cloud (less sensitive data). This is flexibility that you currently don’t get with one or the other.

What’s important is that you work with a provider who understands your business and can help you plan for and implement the right hybrid strategy. Our different TeraStation solutions are ideally positioned to help you take advantage of both public and private cloud benefits. 

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