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Brother PR670 Embroidery Machine Not Trimming properly

Basically you have to make sure all parts regarding the thread trimming are working correctly.

Also you have to ensure the proper hook timing is set.

Is the customer using the original bobbin case from Brother? If yes see below explanation.

A machine does not trim the thread and causes “Wiper Error”.

(As the thread is not cut, the wiper hook is not going back to its home position as a picture below, then the machine recognizes it as an error and shows the error message “Wiper error”.)

This problem may happen after the machine used for quite long time. It may also happen right after the Needle Plate Base Assy  or Movable Knife and Fixed Knife are replaced.


If the problem happens after the machine used for quite long time:

  • The edge on the Movable Knife probably got dull.

If the problem happens after replacing Movable Knife and/or Fixed Knife with new ones:

  • An edge may have not been put to the new Movable Knife properly.

A new Movable Knife does not have a shape edge on it at the beginning. The edge must be put to it after the Movable Knife and the Fixed Knife are attached to the Needle Plate Assy on the machine. 

If the problem happens after replacing Needle Plate Base Assy with new one:

  • The flatness of the bottom of Needle Plate Base Assy might not be good enough.

The Flatness of certain area of the bottom of the Needle Plate Base Assy is now less than 0.03mm.

This new Needle Plate Base Assy is now available as one of spare parts as below.

            Part Name:     Needle Plate Base Assy

           Part Number: XE7460301

How to recognize New Needle Plate Base Assy:

  • There is a white dot on the surface of the new Needle Plate Base Assy as a picture below or it has a notch on it as the drawing below. (in red circles)
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