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FOREVER TransferRIP and Media Supported

OKI C711wt / Pro7411wt / Pro8432wt / C920wt / ES9420wt & OKI C800 CMYK-Series (4C-Version) which uses crushed toner formulation.

Separate version available with support of printers with 5 color channels like OKI Pro9541wt / C941wt / ES9541wt (5C-Version) which uses Polymer toner

Furthermore please note, that the OKI Pro9541 is not really suited for the Laser-Dark (No-Cut) Lowtemp because the 5C is using polymer-toner and not crushed like the normal OKI 9541.

In short the current batch of OKI White toner printers (5 Color channel series) use a crushed toner formulation. While most CMYK-series printers use a very fine polymer toner. The larger crushed has some benefits, but either kind can generally be used if you can properly control the printer to put down enough density. Also media settings do play a very critical role!

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